Lunch for Saturday, December 11, 2010

This last weekend we celebrated Christmas with my family.  A couple of my children asked for bento boxes.  And they received them.  I wish I had taken pictures of the outsides of the boxes but what was more important is we made bento lunches using them.  All three kids got bento lunches.  I didn't have much in the refrigerator as far as veggies but we were able to get some cool looking boxes done.

This bento was made by hand shaping some green rice into frog face shapes.  The white part is provolone cheese and the teal green is an egg sheet.  We were trying for a blue egg sheet but with a yellow egg it tuned teal.  There is also a egg molded to the shape of a bunny using an egg mold.  We were going to have a bear one too but I kind of murdered that egg when trying to crack the shell.  Also in this bento is roasted chicken, spring rolls, tamagoyaki and a checkered apple.

This bento has a black cat on the lid so we made a black cat to go on the inside.  We used purple jasmine rice, provolone cheese and more teal egg sheet.  Also in this box is roasted chicken, tamagoyaki and diced apple.

This bento was made using more of the green rice and I shaped it into a Christmas tree by using a cookie cutter.  I just added provolone cheese circles and picks to make the balls on the tree.  Also in this bento is spring rolls, tamagoyaki, ham, a rabbit apple and a couple of oreo cookies.

We had lots of fun making the bentos.  And I hope they enjoyed eating them too.  Now if I could only get the energy to make my lunches again.  It is just so much easier to pop open a can of soup.  Especially when it has been so cold lately.