Lunch for Thursday, October 27, 1011

Today's lunch is spaghetti leftovers and a salad. Not much to say about it. Yesterday was a leftover hamburger that got plastic baggy'd with some chips. I need some serious motivation/inspiration.

Snack for Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This was suppose to be my lunch but the more I scratched my head and thought about what to put in there the more disappointed I became. So I changed it to a snack. I was kind of at a loss this morning. I need to get back in the groove. And why do my bentos that suck take the longest to make? For as ugly as this one is it took so long to put together.

In the failed bento I have a tortilla cut with a ghost cutter, a laughing cow cheese wedge, ham & beef flowers, cherry tomatoes, a quail egg I attempted to make into a pumpkin, a mini sweet pepper and a carrot cut using a pumpkin cutter.

Lunch for Monday, October 24, 2011

Today's lunch is leftover couscous that I purchased from the Amish store in Branson, MO this weekend. I also have some leftover baked beans, chicken nuggets, carrots, BBQ sauce and a Babybel cheese.