Lunch for Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last night I made some fried rice with SPAM in it.  And to make sure I would have enough leftover for lunch I made 8 cups worth.  There was a lot of it but there was only enough leftover for The Kid to have a small portion for lunch and for my lunch.  We love our fried rice, well The Kid and I do.  Mr Man didn't want any because of the SPAM and ate some soup.  But he did end up eating a small part of the rice after all.

In my fried rice I have SPAM, egg, onion, green onion, and a veggie mixture of peas/carrots/green beans.  It is very tasty and I can't wait to have some for lunch.

Also in this bento I have grapes, broccoli, carrots, grape tomatoes, a Babybel cheese and a frog made using provolone cheese that I soaked in green food coloring and added sugar sheet features.

Lunch for Tuesday, June 12, 2011

This summer has been one of the hottest I remember.  Every day has been over 100 degrees and there is no relief in sight. 

I have seen a couple of heat related jokes lately that made me laugh.
"It's so hot the squirrels are using potholders to lift their nuts."
"It's so hot I saw two trees fighting over a dog."

I found some small pickling cucumbers at a farmer's market and paid only .94 cents for about 8 of them.  I sliced them, added some cut carrots, poured in some vinegar, sugar and salt & put them in the refrigerator.

In this bento I have purple jasmine rice, teriyaki chicken, broccoli, carrots, a grape tomato, refrigerator pickles with carrots and some grapes.

Lunch for Friday, July 8, 2011 and my holiday recap

Wow it has been over a week since I made a bento.  With time away for the holiday and work providing lunch there was no need.

For the 4th of July holiday we went to Eureka Springs, AR.  It is a small touristy town that tries to keep a Victorian feel to it.  The buildings are but the people and shops are not.  There were a few stores that carried antiques at a reasonable price but most were charging too much in my opinion.  The restaurants were making lots of money on the tourist as well.  I knew that before we left but it was still a shock to see what someone would charge for a plate of food.

View of our building

We stayed in a wonderful old building.  There is only one room available called Twilight Terrace and it occupies one half of the entire bottom floor.  The room was wonderful except for the hard mattress.  I didn't want to stay in some old cottage that reminded me of grandmothers.  This place had modern furniture and the decor was more my style.

The details of this place were amazing.  From the handles on the doors, the furniture, the stone walls.  It was cleaner than a hotel room as well.  I could have lived there.

I was being nosy and in the top drawer of the desk were letters written by people who had stayed there.  They mentioned how much they liked the place, gave tips on where to eat, suggested things to do.  It was a sweet tradition and gave the room that much more character.

We ate at a few places in town.  The first being Casa Colina.  The salsa is wonderful.  We dined out on the terrace.  It may have been in the 90 degree range but it wasn't too hot under the trees.  I had the Casa Colina Crepes.  They were crepes filled with mushroom, shrimp and spinach and topped with pineapple salsa.  They were so good.

Another place in town that we just happen to run across is call The Dog House.  They serve up several style of hotdogs in three different sizes.  The largest being a footlong that is about a quarter size in diameter!  I had their medium KC Dog.  It had bacon, relish, onion, bbq sauce, and green onions.  It was delicious.

For buffet dining we ate at Forest Hill.  I can say for breakfast it is very tasty.  Especially the white gravy.  I could have drank the gravy.  But their dinner buffet was a disappointment.  They had a few items that were good and the dessert was fantastic but overall we wouldn't eat dinner there again.

Our last evening there we ate at The Rowdy Beaver.  Mr Man was unimpressed with the chicken fried steak but I absolutely loved my Honey Bourbon Steak.

Shopping in this town can be lots of fun.  There are so many unique places. 

My favorite was called Something Simple.  Everything in the old house was white, black and/or cream colored.  One of my favorite features of the house was the staircase leading upstairs.  There were old numbers and door plates positioned at the bottom of each step.  I also found a giant sock monkey in the bedroom upstairs.  I should have purchased him since he wasn't that expensive.  Ah but I can only imagine how the cats would have reacted to him.

Enough of my vacation adventures and onto today's lunch.  My bento stash is without many items at the moment and I really was surprised that I could come up with a bento at all.  I still have some fish leftover from Mr Man's catches.  So I fried that up and used a premade mixture to make some hush puppies.  I did add some chopped green onion into it before I fried it.  Also in this bento is broccoli, carrots, grapes, a Babybel cheese and grape tomatoes.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!