Lunch for Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today’s lunch is almost an exact copy of yesterday but just looks a little different. Wasn’t that the point of this, to have different meals? Sigh Maybe next week. I did go through Just Bento's weekly planner they have available and made my list of what I would like to bring next week. Now I just need to go grocery shopping. Seriously need to go grocery shopping. But onto today’s meal. I had used my heart shape cookie cutter to shape my rice and it felt so spring like. I got out my small flower cookie cutter and make myself some flowers. I used a lemon zester on the carrot to help shape it. This made me smile as did yesterday’s. It’s just so happy!  I do need to add something to my rice.  It seems kind of bland.  hmmm

Left: boiled eggs; white rice with pepperoni/carrot flowers
Top Right: red kidney beans
Bottom Right: lettuce with flower carrots, eggs and tomato

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