Dessert for Thursday, January 13, 2011

No lunch for today but I will post about some cupcakes I made for a friends birthday.  One of my friends that I work with is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and I was asked to make a cake.  Well I have been seeing all of my friends on Facebook post cupcake pictures and I wanted to make some too.  And I was trying to not have to make a trip to the store.  So I knew I had a box of red velvet cake mix in the cabinet, some cool whip in the freezer and some candy melts left over from Christmas.

I mixed all the ingredients for the cake mix and poured them into twelve cupcake liners and took the leftover mix and poured it into a 9-in round pan.  After they were cooked and cooled I took the Cool Whip and added some powered sugar and a unflavored geletin packets and whipped it up.  Once it was firm enough I piped it onto the cupcakes.  Then stuck those in the frig and started melting the candy melts.  I put the gooey mess into a pastry bag and piped designs onto some wax paper and stuck that in the freezer.  About 10 minutes later I pulled the candy melt designs out of the freezer and stuck them in the whipped topping.  Then I sprinkled them with cocoa powder.

Very cute, don't you think?
With the leftover round cake I cut it into circles.  I was able to get five circles out of the 9-in cake.  I took two of them and stacked them up and crumb coated the double stack and placed it in the freezer for a little bit.  Then I pulled them out and put the final layer of whipped topping on.  And of course I added a candy melt design and cocoa powder to the the top.

A baby cake!
Then I placed them all on a cake carrier.  And it actually looked like that when I arrived at work.  No disasters of smashed cake.  Yippee!

All together now
And I also made a card for the birthday girl.  I was going to match the card to the cake but I like this just as well.  Happy Birthday LaRinda!
The card I made.  Details for it can be found at

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