Lunch for Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For lunch today I pulled out some Balsamic Sesame Chicken from the freezer and made a tamagoyaki using egg white mix.  I always use the recipe from Just Bento but I think next time I make it using egg white mix I will omit the extra water.  It seemed too runny.  Oh well, I tried a little piece as I was packing it and it tasted just fine.  I also put in some grapes, grape tomatoes and a piece of broccoli.  It's been a long time since I had broccoli in my bento.  I think I was getting burned out on it.  But it has been a while so I'm ready for more. 

I will start posting the calorie count of my lunches.  I have been trying to lose some weight since January 1st.  New Year resolution and all.  I realized my lunches are not very many calories and I have been proud of that.  Even when I was not trying to diet they were nutritious.  Now I am sure some people will find flaws in my calorie counts but I measure, weigh and figure EVERY thing I put in my mouth.  And the calorie counts are as accurate as I can get them.

So far I have lost 13.2 pounds and I have been exercising every day.  A little at first and now I am working my way up to more a day.  I have lots of trouble with my legs so it is hard but I just keep going no matter how bad my legs hurt.

171 Calories - 4.5g Fat - 18g Carbs - 14.2g Protein

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