Lunch for Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's lunch was something simple.  I made small heart shaped peanut butter filled sandwiches using just two sizes of cutters.  I used the bigger cutter to cut the bread and a slightly smaller one turned upside down to smash the edges and seal the peanut butter in.  I also made a tamagoyaki which I have not made in forever.  I actually cooked it a little bit too long but it will still taste good.  And for the rest I have my Babybel cheese with a heart cut out, green bell pepper, broccoli, some ranch dressing for the veggies in the small container, a cutie orange with a heart cut in it, a small slice of apple, a few grapes and a thermos of light soy milk.  Can't have a peanut butter sandwich without milk.


  1. Hearts galore ... could Valentine be lurking around the corner? :o)Nice heartshaped sandwiches. I never manage to keep them sealed, probably die to the bread I use I guess. Cute HK thermos btw. Happy Friday.