Food and Beverage for Saturday, July 3, 2010

To start off my vacation there were flight delays, lost keys, $60 taxi rides, trips to the store at 1:00 AM and plenty of beverages and some food.

On my 30 min layover in Dallas I had a wonderful Thai Peanut Chicken wrap from Au Bon Pain. It was wonderful! There was fresh cucumber, tomato and herbs. Best airport food I have ever had.

Once I finally arrived, took a long cab ride to my friends house and a locksmith made new keys for my friends car we headed to the grocery store. And I remember how much I love states where you can buy liquor at any hour.

I also was amazed at the variety of food available that I am not able to get at home. I saw some pre-cubed sweet potatoes, sweet potato sticks and some really small baby gala apples. I am so jealous of all these things that would fit so well in a bento.

The rest of the evening, well I guess morning, was full of daiquiri's. PiƱa colada and strawberry. And some crackers and cheese. We'll have to see what food and beverages the next day brings.

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