Lunch for Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today will be the last lunch I make for several days.  I will be going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow and then next week will be vacation.  I will try to take some pictures of my meals while on vacation and post them here.  I am sure to be eating a wide variety of foods, so it should be interesting.

For today's lunch I really didn't have anything planned when I woke up this morning.  I liked the way yesterday's turned out so much that I couldn't think of anything for today.  So I just started throwing things together.  I pulled out the rest of the green beans that I have had all week.  Still not tired of them.  And I pulled my last bit of sesame chicken from the bento stash in the freezer.  And that is also the last piece of broccoli and lettuce I have in the frig.  My refrigerator looks so bare but that is the way I wanted it while I was gone.  I wanted to make sure there is nothing in there to go bad, grow fuzz or stink.

I started to make rice but was short on time so I opted for rice noodles.  They even were thrown into three different containers until I made up my mind.  Then I thought I would mix together some peanut butter and hosin sauce to go with them.  Sounds strange I know, but I like it.  And when I was trying to figure out what container I would put the sauce in I saw my corner silicone cup.  I put some in and had I more sauce than would fit.  So I filled up my second corner cup.  I tucked the containers in with the noodles and walked away from my lunch to start to get ready for work.  When I came back and looked at my meal I saw a panda.  Faceless of course, but I thought it would be a good fluffy panda.  So I made the eyes, nose and mouth from grapes since they were sitting there.

I have not been liking the taste of my nori.  Maybe it's the brand, I don't know, but it has me trying to think of other things to use.  Unfortunately it is the best when you need a solid black for decorating.  I looked into the soy wrappers but none of them come in black.  I may get them anyway since they do come in other fun colors.

Here is a picture I took outside of the panda exhibit at the San Diego Zoo last year on vacation.  The entire wall had this really cool mural.  Hmm I guess I am using my vacation theme.  Just not this year's vacation.

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