Lunch for Thursday, July 15, 2010

It has been hard getting back to my pre-vacation habits.  I have been sleeping in later and not making my lunch.  Grabbing something to eat for lunch has cost me alot.  I think of all the things I could have bought instead of eating out.  But finally today I made a lunch.  It's not cute but it is a start back into it.

For lunch today I heated up some quick quiches that I had in the freezer.  We will see how they hold up for a lunch.  I also took a couple of slices of deli ham, added some soft cheese and a piece of green onion, and rolled it up.  I then cut it to thirds to fit the bento.  I also found these really small black plums at the grocery store.  I was so surprised!  There were only a few small ones mixed in with ones twice as big.  I snatched up all the little ones.  I was having a hard time filling my bento today.  I would look at the empty spaces and not know what I wanted to put in.  I did add a fortune cookie and some rice cracker snack mix.  Hopefully the fortune cookie will bring me luck in figuring out what's for lunch tomorrow.

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