Lunch for Monday, November 1, 2010

I know I am posting this late but I am finally over my cold.  We had taken a little vacation to Branson, MO and when we got back I was feel very icky.  So there were no bento's since I was eating soup for lunch.  And the kid told me AFTER I fixed this bento that he didn't want me fixing his lunches anymore.  UGH, kids!  The kid has leftover beef ribs, a spring roll, grapes, carrots and broccoli.  When I cleaned his box he had only eaten 3/4 of the ribs, the spring roll and all but one grape.  Fine, no more bentos for him.  For my lunch I have leftovers from Ted's Cafe Escondido.  Chicken tamale with green sauce, a mashed potato dish they call papas and a creame corn type dish.  I always substitute the regular rice and beans for these side dishes.  Every time I can only eat half of the meal because of all the free tortillas, chips, salsa, queso, relish. etc.  I also added some grapes.

my lunch

the kids lunch

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