Lunch for Friday, October 15, 2010

I am getting so lazy with our lunches.  I didn't make rice at all this week, no cute charaban, blah.  OK I am going to make excuses.  The weather is cooler and I want to stay in bed longer.  I am on my company's internal ISO Audit team and we are working on those this week.  And my man and I have been looking at travel trailers.  OK excuses out of the way, onto today's lunch.

Today was a quick sandwich day.  I made one sandwich out of ham and cheese and the other is Spam and cheese.  I halved the mini sandwiches with the kid.  We'll see what he says about Spam.  I also put in the rest of the Strawberries and some sweet Gherkin pickles.  One thing I can say with making the kid lunches too is, things do not get a chance to spoil.  When I was only making my lunches the strawberries would start to mold before I could use them all.

my lunch

the kids lunch

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