Lunch for Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Friday!  This has been such a long week for me.  But now it's the weekend and I will have plenty to do and it will pass too quickly.  Always does.  As I was pulling things out for our lunches this morning I noticed I was getting low on everything.  The kid got all that was left of the grapes.  I got the rest of the mandarin oranges that were in the jar.  We split what was left of the yellow carrots.  I didn't prep anything the night before and my protein stash in the freezer is gone.  So that meant either frozen chicken nuggets or corndogs.  And when I was putting everything together I thought I might as well go for a monochrome look for mine.  So I added some frozen corn and all the yellow baby tomatoes I had.  The weather has gotten a little warmer so I left the corndogs and corn frozen so they would keep everything cool and be perfectly thawed by lunchtime.  I have got to go to the grocery store this weekend.

my lunch

the kids lunch

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