Lunch for Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This morning I had no idea what we were going to have for lunch.  I looked at my stash and there was just a little bit of Balsamic Sesame Chicken.  So I thought we would share that and have sandwiches.  As I was in the middle of fixing our lunches the kid announces he can not find his homework that he swears he left on the kitchen table.  So I had to stop and help him find it.  I was getting angrier and angrier and finally gave up and told him to keep looking.  I was so angry because he had spent all night working on it.  I was so mad I stopped trying to pack our lunches, threw a few things to fill it in and as I was walking out the door the kid was grabbing his school things.  When he picked them up there was his homework.  UGH!!!  He's going to drive me insane.

So for today's lunch we have ham and cheese sandwiches, Balsamic Sesame Chicken, grapes, grape tomatoes, yellow carrots and a sweet gherkin pickle.  Sure do wish I had had more time to cut out my jack-o-lantern.

my lunch

the kids lunch
I am entering this post in What's for Lunch Wednesday.  I have seen others posting to this every week but I am not able see the entries or enter into it on the computer I sit at all day, so I pulled out my handy iPhone and did some fancy tricks to get it entered.  Too bad I didn't do my Angry Birds post today instead.  I liked the looks of it better.  And it reflects my mood today.  LOL


  1. I'm glad you figured out how to join up! Just followed you :) I love your jack'o lantern!

  2. Hi, I like this one and the angry birds as well. You could have posted the angry birds if you wanted the rules are any lunch you made in the past week that you want to share. I look forward to following you.

  3. I have to stop packing lunches often to mediate a fight or get the baby out of the bathroom. I understand. Looks great for the time you had!

  4. Cute lunches!! Where do you get the yellow carrots?

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    Alex... I bought the yellow carrots from Whole Foods Market. They are organic. I was surprised to see them, so I grabbed a bag last time I was there. They seem to be sweeter than orange ones. Sadly I only have enough for one more lunch. Going to have to make a special trip and see if they have more. It is 20 miles away from me. ;-)