Lunch for Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OK I have downloaded a new game to my iPhone that I love.  I had been seeing it in the iPad commercials and looked and it is currently the #1 purchased app in the App Store.  It's Angry Birds.  It is so much fun.  You take a sling shot and launch birds at the greedy pigs.  There is even a YouTube video.  The following are some screen shots of the video.

While I was playing this game last night I thought it would make a great bento.  The yellow bird is my favorite.  He seems more pissed off than the others and I like the fact he can barrel though things fast.  So I cooked up some rice and added saffron to the water to make the yellow bird.  Then I cooked up a different pot of rice using yellow and green food coloring to get the green pig.  I shaped the rice by hand and added cheese and nori accents.  I also boiled a couple of eggs since that is what the pig is trying to steal and thought it was only fair to put in some ham with green onion and cheese rolled inside.  I also put in some grape tomatoes, yellow carrots and grapes.  The kid also gets a couple of chicken nuggets.  I really wish the kid would let me makes his lunch cute.  But it does take time.  It was also ironic that this morning the batteries in my camera were dead and I had to snap these photos with my iPhone.  Hope you enjoy my Angry Bird and pig.

my lunch

the kids lunch

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