Lunch for Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of February and into March we go.  Which for us around here means severe weather.  Even last night there was a tornado north of where I live and yesterday and today is rainy.  Dang I should have made a rainy day bento.  Oh well there is always tomorrow. 

For today's lunch I have white rice, chicken nuggets, an egg, green beans, carrots and a couple more of those mini banana nut muffins.  My grandmother always kept her banana nut bread in the frig and that is where I am keeping these muffins.  They last so much longer in there and the flavors just melt together.  mmmm 

Nothing too special about today's lunch except that I was able to use some of my new bento making supplies.  I was in a hurry this morning since the kid had to catch the bus 15 minutes earlier than usual.  The school is trying to makeup the 11 days they missed because of a blizzard a few weeks back.  So they decided to start school 15 minutes early and dismiss 15 minutes later.  The kid was not too happy about waking up earlier.

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