Lunch for Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For lunch today I have a deconstructed sandwich using white bread, beef bologna and cheddar cheese. I am ready for spring so I wanted to make a flower garden.  I used a fondant cutter to cut the flowers and then added some small green ball picks. I separated my sandwich from the other items with some fake grass baran. Also in this box I have some green beans that were sautéed with garlic and green onion, carrots and a mini banana nut muffin.

And I am sad to say the kid lost his bento box when leaving school yesterday. I have emailed one of his teachers and hopefully they can find it. I am really upset about this because I don't think they make that color anymore. ugh. But that just means I will not make anymore lunches for him. Well, unless they find his bento box because I am not letting his use one of mine.


  1. So sorry to hear about the lost bento box :( So sad... But this one is gorgeous! I love the flower garden!

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  3. Yes, the flowers look great :)
    sorry for the lost :( hopefully they'll find it later.