Lunch for Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The missing bento box has been found!!!  Yippee!!  I enlisted the help of the kids first hour teacher and she was able to locate it.  Mrs. Neumann you are our hero.  But then I found out the kid has been abusing his lunch account again and getting two cookies everyday with his hot lunch from school.  That means he is already out of lunch money for this two weeks.  Grrr. 

But enough of that, onto lunch for today.  Today I have leftover baked potato.  I cut it up and sprinkled some sea salt on it and added some chicks using a cookie cutter on sliced cheese, nori eyes and black sesame seed eyelashes.  Then I put some shredded cheese, butter, green onion and salsa in the other container.  I will just throw it all together and heat this up a little at lunch. 

My new chick container which came in a pack of 3 from the $1 store holds two eggs that I will probably eat for my breakfast.  The chick container is meant to be a candy container for Easter baskets but of course when I saw it I knew I could use it for a variety of things.  They also had bunny faces and carrots.  The bunny faces were not transparent but I still wish I had bought the other two styles.  When is too much stuff just that... too much?

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