Lunch for Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We finally went to the grocery store and I was able to get things for my bentos.  It seems like The Kid is eating things quicker than we can buy them.  Things I get for my bentos would suddenly disappear.  I will be so glad when school starts next week so he is not home all day eating whatever he wants (aka my bento items).  But then again he does get home from school before I get home from work.  Ugh!

In this bento I have a mini bagel (The Kid ate three of these during the day today), some deli ham, a laughing cow cheese wedge, carrots, broccoli, grape tomatoes and strawberries (last pack of strawberries never made it to any bento, thanks to The Kid).  I know I am harping on The Kid but we don't go to the grocery store very often and he seems to eat everything within the first few day that we have food.  The gallon of orange juice we purchased late last night is already half gone.  OK enough of the complaining.

I made the mini bagel into a baby by adding a quail egg in the center of the bagel and added a pick.  The eyes are just candy eyes and the cheeks are deli ham. 

This is the first time I tried quail eggs.  I purchased a can of them from the Vietnamese grocery store.  All I could find was the canned.  To me it seemed kind of dry.  But I will try and make sure to use up the whole can.  I wonder what I will make with them next time?

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