Lunch for Thursday, August 18, 2011

I sure am eating lunch out at lot.  Either with new co-workers or former or both together.  So there hasn't been as many bentos.  I'm sure this will slow down once work is not that new to me anymore and we all get into our routines.  The funny thing is that there are no places to eat close by my new job.  It takes at least 15 minutes to get anywhere except for a subway, a slow hamburger joint and an awesome place called Pecan Porch.  Pecan Porch is a very unique place that has an amazing chicken salad sandwich.

This lunch has the last of my freezer stash 7-up marinade chicken.  I really need to make up some more chicken.  I did make 3 cups of rice and portioned it out and placed in the freezer.  I really never knew how much adding some mirian to my rice and washing it before cooking really helped the flavor until I was in a hurry one time.  This batch was definitely done right.

Also in this bento I have broccoli, a Babybel cheese, grape tomatoes, a brown sugar mochi, and a quail egg decorated with sugar sheet.  I have really got to stop using the sugar sheets.  They leave items looking like crap by the time lunch come around.  But I really can't stand the nori.  Maybe I need to try a different brand.  I did buy some more soy paper.  Too bad that doesn't come in black.

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