Lunch for Monday, June 13, 2011

Yesterday I was craving meatloaf, actually I think I have been craving meatloaf since Heather of Ohayo Bento posted a bento with leftover meatloaf.  I had purchased some new potatoes and green beans from the small (only 8 booths) local farmers market.  So that went real well together.  We ate all of the potatoes and green beans.  While at the farmers market I saw a sign that said basil.  I started digging in the basket and the owner said she only had mint left.  And since it was closing time I got it for a steal.

Also this weekend I ventured into Nam-Hai, an Asian market that mostly caters to the Vietnamese community.  I have been avoiding this place since all I have heard about it is how smelly it is and that they will try to overcharge you at the checkout.  The minute I walked in The Kid and I just about threw up from the smell.  But I endured it and The Kid kept asking if he could wait in the car.  I made The Kid walk up and down every isle.  He did finally see his favorite candy Hi-Chew so after he picked that up I heard no complaints.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a very wide variety of things.  No bentos but a handful of bento tools.  I bought a couple of bags of items including canned quail eggs, panko crumbs, soba sauce, mini pork sausages, kamaboko, furikake and some bento tools.  I just hope none of it is expired.  Some of the things in this store looked like they had been there awhile.  Everything I bought did not indicate expiration dates. 

I did almost make a horrible mistake at the store.  I saw fresh quail eggs and started to pick them up.  One of the store employees ran over to me, pointed and said "babies" in his broken English.  I got the point and stuck with the canned quail eggs.  I guess I didn't need them that fresh.

I had no problems at the checkout.  I watched very carefully to see that the priced marked on the item was what was being ran up.  I guess that it could be that the Manager was the one working the register.

In today's lunch I have some leftover meatloaf, white rice, cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, a mini sweet pepper, broccoli, strawberries and mint accents.  My lunch may be too minty, we'll see.


  1. That sounds like an experience! Wow, the smell was that bad? You'd think they'd try to fix it, yuck. I love the mint in your bento. I bought a sprig of it a while ago but could never decide what to do with it, the leaves look gorgeous!

  2. Yes, it was that bad. Very gross. Glad I've avoided it for so long.

    I do think I put in too much mint. Minty fresh broccoli is not what I was going for. Everything the mint touched was... Well... Minty.

  3. Yes! Your lunch is definitely cuter today than mine ;) I had miso soup -- really good, but not really cute to look at ;)

    I haven't eaten meat in 20 years but I would love a bite of meatloaf! LOL Came across a lentil loaf recipe -- will try that some of these days.