Lunch for Thursday, June 23, 2011

As I have mentioned before I like to play a lot of games on my phone.  One that I really like to play is Words With Friends.  Some days I can come up with great words and others, not so great.  If you want to start a game my user name is genettah.

That game is the inspiration for today's lunch.  I cut bread, Spam and cheese in square shapes.  Yes I said Spam, love it.  I used Miracle Whip to glue each layer together.  Then I used my alphabet cookie cutters to cut the letters.  I am using the sugar sheets again.  Yes I know they will probably melt but if they are intended for fondant then there has to be something they can be placed on that doesn't melt them.  So I am trying cheese.

I knew I wanted to spell the word "bento" and I wanted the second word to use the "E".  It just seemed like a good spot.  But when it came time for my other word I was at a loss.  I had to look up three letter words that have an "E" in the middle.  There are several but some were not what I was looking for.  I finally settled on "HER".  So it's HER BENTO. 

Also in this box I have grapes, broccoli, a mini sweet pepper and cherry tomatoes.

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