Lunch for Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If you ever see me, I am usually on my phone playing games, checking Facebook/Twitter, reading, etc.  My son asked me the other day why I play games so much.  I told him it was a good time waster.  Mr Man says I will probably die with the phone in my hands.  Actually it is what relaxes me.  After a workday I like to just play games and zone out.  One of my favorites is PocketGod.  I love torturing those cute little pygmies.  And the game keeps updating and expanding.  It is one of the first games I purchased for my phone and I felt was worth the money.

So today's lunch is a happy little pygmy.  I made the pygmy using a slice of beef bologna, nori and provolone.  I hand cut the face, hair and mouth but for the bone and eyes I used cutters I had.

In the rest of the bento I have a mini sweet pepper, broccoli, yellow squash, ham flowers, cherry tomato and a strawberry.

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