Lunch for Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday I purchased some mini pork sausages from the stinky Asian grocer.  I steamed a couple of these this morning as well as pan fried some fish I had stashed away in the freezer.  The last time Mr Man went fishing he caught a lot of fish.  I cut the sausages to resemble cute little octopus'.  The eyes are made using provolone and nori.  And the mouths are only provolone.  The shark fin is made from provolone colored with food coloring.  I made the fishing pole using a wooden toothpick and a strand of lo mein noodle I cooked with the broccoli.

Other items in this bento are broccoli, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, Babybel cheese and a strawberry.


  1. That's very cute. Was looking forward to your summer themes!

  2. The shark fin cracked me up! I love how you made a whole fishing scene :)