Lunch for Wednesday, June 1, 2011 & A WINNER

This will be my last bento box until next Wednesday.  I am taking some days off work and that means no bento until I return to work.

In today's lunch I am still trying to use up whatever is in the refrigerator.  I have some leftover chicken pasta I had made for dinner and a mandarin orange.  Sometimes I get tired of eating so much pasta but pasta and Mexican food are Mr Man's favorites.

Now onto the Bento Box Giveaway Winner!

There were 19 entries and a few extra entries for making my laugh.  Enjoy this photo journey to get to the winner.

I will be emailing you shortly regarding your mailing address.


  1. Congrats Mirihawk!!!! BTW...If you need any mexican recipes, feel free to ask me, after all...Im an authentic mexican girl ;)

    Enjoy your days off!!


  2. Awesome way to pick a winner!! :) aw congrats to the winner, I'm so jealous!!


  3. That is such a fancy way to pick a winner. Way to go! And congrats to Mirihawk! The Kid is a great hand model. Maybe he should feature his bento lunches. :p

  4. Thanks to everyone - I've been away having surgery but I am soooo excited to be the winner. I felt like I was being promised that I would get better from the surgery and get to eat again. Such a beautiful Bento box!!!