It's a Hello Kitty everything sort of giveaway.

One lucky random winner will receive

1 - Hello Kitty insulated lunch bag
1 - Hello Kitty icepack
1 - Hello Kitty Bento box with clear lid
1 - Hello Kitty pick set
1 - Hello Kitty tin dish
1 - Hello Kitty Cherry Sours Candy tin

I know there are some Hello Kitty haters out there but personally I love Hello Kitty.  I had been wanting the Hello Kitty Bento box and picks for awhile.  Then I found the insulated bag and other items and I knew I had to buy one of each for me and one of each for you.  Just like last time this giveaway is sponsored by me using my personal money so I can conduct it however I want.

Here's the rules...
Leave any comment on this blog post.  Tell me about your summer or write about where you store your bento gear.  Anything goes.

Include your email address (no email address will mean you are NOT entered) so make sure you put it in the comment.  If you are not comfortable leaving your email address then send it to me at my email address mylunchiscuter at yahoo dot com.

Unlike last time, I am limiting this to one entry per person please.

You have until Saturday, September 10th to leave your comment.  I will randomly draw a winner shortly after that and contact the winner via email.

Good luck to you all!


  1. I store my bento gear in my bedroom closet because I share a kitchen. I have a few small boxes filled with bento boxes and accessories as I slowly build up my collection. I personally love Hello Kitty, but I am surprised I do not have anything with Hello Kitty on it yet. Besides two T shirts with Hello Kitty on it... but both of those are too big for me now that I lost weight.
    Here's my email address. I hope I win! :)

  2. Actually, I just rearranged my front room (it's a SMALL house with a combined kitchen, dining area, living room & craft/computer area), so currently my bento gear is all stuffed in a cardboard box waiting for a new storage solution. I haven't decided where to store it yet. I'm waiting for inspiration to hit!

    I'd love this Hello Kitty gear. Most of my bento stuff is geared for my son, with a few girly things thrown in for my lunches. This would be just for me!

    Thanks for the chance -

  3. I'm just now starting with bento - this year my kiddos will be in the 2nd grade and in Kindergarten! We're also in the process of buying a house with a nice LARGE pantry, plus a second pantry closet - I can see some CUTE bento box storage in my future! I'd also love this gear to help me get started. :-)

    Thanks for the entry! :-)

  4. I have a microwave stand dedicated to bento stuff. No microwave. Just a whole bunch of boxes. And a 3 drawer bin full of bento accessories. It's not really well organized. I'm still trying to figure out a system that works for me...

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    scrumptiousbento at gmail dot com

  5. I started Bento at the tail end of last school year, and have been getting better and collecting supplies all summer in preparation for this Tuesday, when my 2 girls start 2nd grade & preschool. I have a cabinet where I keep my bento supplies, I'm lucky to have a decent kitchen and a decent hubby to encourage me.
    Although my oldest loves Hello Kitty, we don't have any bento gear yet. I got discouraged when the picks were $18 at the Sanrio store in the mall...
    I'd love this set to kick off the school year. How great of you to do this give away!

  6. Summer has gone by way too fast. I'm out of school and all, but I do enjoy my longer days, warmer weather, and outdoor volleyball on the weekends. I suppose making bentos will have to be the way to cheer me up. =)

  7. OK...I am new to bento-ing and I don't have a space in my kitchen for my supplies yet. I have some fruit flat boxes on the counter with supplies, but I need to rearrange my kitchen. I plan on shifting things around at my house. I need to free up some storage space in my craft cabinets. Then I'll move some of the baking stuff I don't use much into those cabinets, then move the bento supplies where the baking stuff was. I am preparing bentos every school day now, so I need to keep supplies close at hand. I do have one of those metal strainers that fits over the sink that I use to rinse dry my bento supplies by hand. I need to streamline this process!!

  8. Love this! I actually have a whole cabinet with 2 shelves and a drawer in the kitchen that is designated to all my bento gear, but I am quickly running out of room!


  9. We are moving, so I get to revamp my bento storage. I think I will dedicate a whole shelf in the pantry to bento. I'm excited about the new kitchen.

  10. Well, my bento things are kind of all over the place. A bit in this cupboard and a bit in that pretty much where ever it will fit. As soon as the weather gets cooler hopefully I will have some time to organize.


  11. I have a special set of storage drawers for all my bento gear and the over flow lives in 3 cardboard boxes in the bottom of my bookcase :) I'm a total hello kitty freak and even have a hello kitty decal on my car (my hubby hates it!) Love love love the prize you're giving away so a big thumbs up of approval from me!

  12. Oh my gosh, my little girl would totally flip for these HK pretties! I'm an HK fan too, I even have an HK decal bank card :D

    I use pencil boxes for my small bento accessories. They are color-coded and stacked up on one wall of my kitchen counter. For pick sets I use a fishing tackle box. I have a wire frame 3 tier shelf to store bento boxes in my kitchen cupboard but I keep the large picnic boxes on the very tip top of my cupboard. I love finding new storage solutions!

    (Bento Anarchy)

  13. I just started bento this year after I came across some egg molds. I fell in love! And my daughter has really benefitted from my new found hobby: usually a picky school cafeteria eater, she now delights in bringing her lunch to school - and actually eats it! =)

    I keep my supplies in single cabinet and drawer (though my collection is growing!), using office organization trays in the draws :)

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love HK as much as my daughter does!


  14. Thanks's to all that entered. Winner will be announced soon.