Hello Kitty Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered and left your email address.  I love hearing about where and how you store your bento gear.  I recently purchased a bookcase from Ikea and placed it in my kitchen and have organized my bento items that way.  It has made a big difference.  I don't feel like I am taking everything out of the cabinet just to get to one bento.

We unfortunately had a couple of people that didn't follow the rules so they did not get entered.  It's important to read and follow instructions.  Especially if you are entering giveaways.  OK enough of the lecture and onto the winner.

I gave the qualifying entries a number based on the order they commented.

1 – MewlKitten
2 – MushMo
3 – lissieanne
4 – Silverwing
5 – Mermaid B
6 – Diana – FreeStyleMama
7 – Shirley
8 – Amy
9 – arkonite_babe
10 – Natakiya
11 – Gia_Pet

Then I used the random number generator to have it pick a number for me.
So our winner is Melissa (lissieanne)! 


  1. WOO! Thank you SO much Genetta! We're so excited to receive our goodies! Thanks everyone! :-)

  2. I received my ADORABLE prize a couple of days ago (things have been hectic around here, so sorry I didn't post sooner!) and I love it! I think my girls were ready to do cartwheels, lol. We love Hello Kitty and we're so grateful to you for our fun prize! Thanks again!