Lunch for Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's lunch has almost the same things as Tuesday's.  Yesterday (Wednesday) I did have leftover mexican food but it was just grabbed from the refrigerator in a rush out the door.  I also havn't figured out how to turn spanish rice and refried beans into a cute lunch.

So for today I have another pasta casserole in the Hello Kitty thermos.  This one has bacon in it.  Yum.  In the small bento I have broccoli, a mini sweet pepper, grapes, cantaloupe and a quail egg that I turned into Hello Kitty herself.  Sheri of Happy Little Bento has made several Hello Kitty quail egg bentos.  Here is one example.  And now that I found a store that carries them I knew I had to try it out.  For mine I cut a bit off the back of the head and cut ear shapes out of it.  Then I cut slits into the top and added those ear pieces.  I luckily have a bow pick that works real well for the bow.  The nose is a piece of yellow soy paper.  The eyes and the whiskers are sugar sheet.

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