Lunch for Monday, August 9, 2010

For today's lunch I cooked some tiny ravioli filled with parmesan cheese. I diced some grape tomatoes and some left over bacon from Sunday breakfast and I will toss it all together and make a pasta salad. I also had drizzled some basil infused oil on top and added some Italian seasoning. mmm I can't wait.

I also made myself a snack using a strawberry, some oriental trail mix and some petite carrots.  Not much on color variety today and not cute.  But definitely edible.

On Friday I started looking on ebay again for more bento items. There is so much I still would like to buy and I almost spent the money but I luckily got busy and forgot all about it. There are also some new items on Bento & Co's website that I would LOVE to have but again I am trying to not spent the money. It only I had unlimited money for bento. sigh

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