Lunch for Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For today's lunch I have some left over roasted chicken from last nights dinner and some stirfry noodles.  In the container I added some teriyaki sauce to toss with the noodles.  And there is my ever present strawberry.  I love strawberries so much that I could probably have a bento with just strawberries and be happy.

I don't know what my creative problem has been lately.  No cards have been made, no cute bento.  It's been hard to get out of my comfy bed early enough to make a proper lunch.  I value my sleep more lately.  As for no cards being made, I wish I could just go in there and create.  Ever since I moved all my craft stuff into the other room I haven't made but one card.  I think about it, but it just doesn't happen.  I even have new craft stuff to play with and it's just sitting there on my desk.  Maybe tomorrow.

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