Lunch for Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inspiration comes from all places right?  Yesterday I was whining about a boring lunch again and while I did not look through my books last night I did look at my email.  Confused?  I will explain.  I use hotmail and by using hotmail you can customize the way your email looks with color or pictures.  The theme I use has this cute little girl in various stages.  Sometimes she is watering the flowers and sometimes she is looking at the butterflies.  And she usually has her black cat with her.  I clipped a piece of the header and drew my inspiration from that.  Maybe someday I will put the girl on my lunch.

As for what is in today's lunch... We had hamburgers last night and there was an extra patty leftover.  I took that and crumbled it up and cooked up some rice and placed it on top of the hamburger.  Then this morning I steamed some carrots and broccoli and added some grape tomatoes and green grapes.  The butterfly is cut from a red onion.  Of course the cat is cut from nori.  It did remind me that I need to find some soy wrappers or something to make different color items.  And I realized after taking the picture and needing to head out the door for work that I could have added some more cuteness to the veggie part.  Oh well it is better than another sandwich.

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