Lunch for Friday, June 25, 2010

This morning as I was fixing my lunch my son asked for me to make him a bento.  He's been out of school for a month and he said he misses me making his lunches.  It was a little hard for me to justify fixing him one since I had already started my own and was almost done.  But of course I made one.  Only difference is I just heated up some leftover colored rice I had in the freezer for him.  And think goodness for that bento stash in the freezer or it would have been impossible.  As I am using up my fresh veggies I have had to fall back on frozen vegetables.  Glad I had that corn in the freezer and some more of that pumpkin pie custard.  Next week should get REAL interesting since I am already close to being out of veggies.  And if I have to make bento's for the kid then who knows what we will be eating.

I didn't think the kids looked too bad for just throwing something together.  And he don't like cute anyway so that is easy.

For my lunch I put a cheese giraffe on my rice.  My company is having an outing at the zoo this weekend.  I don't mind these too much but it is in the evening and most of the animals have gone inside by then.  Also our zoo is in such poor condition.  It is sad to see all the animals needing better facilities but on the brighter side they have voted to make the zoo private.  That means the already strapped budget of the city will no longer have to foot the bill for the zoo and private donors can pay for things.  I just hope the donors will be generous and they will be able to care for the zoo as it should be.

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