Lunch for Monday, June 28, 2010

For lunch's today I cooked the rest of my dumplings that were in the freezer.  I'll need to pick up some more of those.  They come in handy when I have forgotten to make rice.  And I did cave and bought some french green beans at the store this weekend.  But I like that they come in such a small package I can eat them twice this week and they will be gone.  I also heated up some Sesame chicken.  I need to get back into my creative flow again.  I have not made a card in over a month and my lunches have not been too inspiring.  Maybe when I get back from vacation I can devote more time to my creative side.  I have been kind of blah when I am at home lately.  Don't really know why... well I do have some reasons but I won't air them here.  And then again maybe the lack of creativity is because I haven't sat down at my crafting desk and tried.  Going to have to soon though.  I have a couple of design commitments next month that I need to fulfill.  Hmmm...after vacation.  Right now all I can think about is what I need to pack and hoping I can put it all in a carryon.  These airlines charge way too much for checked baggage anymore.

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