Lunch for Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today's lunch is more like a breakfast.  I made some filled biscuits.  I saw something like this in my new cookbook by Susen Yuen, Hawai'i' Bento Box Cookbook 2nd Course and she calls them something else but I have been making ham and cheese ones for years.  My ham didn't look so good so I tossed it out and chopped up some turkey bacon.  I flattened out my biscuit, placed some chopped turkey bacon and shredded cheddar cheese inside.  Pinched it together and placed it in a muffin tin.  I brushed the tops with egg white.  I took the rest of the egg and cooked it in the muffin tin as well.  The kid really likes these and so do I.  They are easy to make and cook up quick.  Glad my new cookbook made me think that they would be good bento foods.  And my egg turned out perfect.  I am going to have to remember to bake eggs in muffin cups more often.

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