Lunch for Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There was no lunch yesterday because the kid had a couple of doctor appointments and so I took the day off.  But while fixing breakfast I was able to add some cuteness to my eggs.  I like my eggs over easy.  And when I flipped one back over to just put a skin on the yoke it split just a little.  I thought it looked like an egg ninja.  So I added some eyes and a ninja star.  Since I did that I just had to add a face to my other egg.  I really want to order some nori punches that make faces.  I have been using my paper crafting punches for things so far but I really want more details.

For today's lunch I made some scorpions.  Or at least I think they look like scorpions.  My only plan was some rice balls with shrimp and tamagoyaki on top.  After I placed that first shrimp on top I knew I had to add eyes.  I also took some veggie and a few shrimp and breaded them with panko bread crumbs and fried them.  I need to practice doing that.  I don't feel like they turned out that great.  This weekend I cooked up a can of pumpkin pie.  Instead of putting it in a pie shell I pour it into silicone baking cups, mini and regular size making more of a pumpkin custard.  I froze the mini ones for my bento.  All of the regular one were eaten by the kid that same day.  He loves pumpkin pie but doesn't care for the crust so this worked out perfectly.  I just wish that after I had filled the mini cups that I had poured the rest in one big casserole dish since he had baking cups all over his room.  Cleaning all of those at once was not fun.

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