Lunch for Thursday, June 3, 2010

I was so afraid that this week was going to drag on since for one... it is a short work week for me and two... I have a weekend getaway planned, but it has flown by.  Which is wonderful.  I think I will even take off work early on Friday.  Now that's a plan.

For today's lunch I cooked up some brown rice and shaped it into a fish.  Then I gave the fish some nori accents.  I used my round paper punches to created the scales.  I placed the fish on top of some french green beans that I sauteed with a whole green onion including the bulb, soy sauce and salt.  I had bought the green onion at our local farmer's market.  I cooked a piece of salmon with teriyaki sauce in my toaster oven.  I was trying to remember the last time I turned my stove oven on and I couldn't remember.  I cook almost everything in the toaster oven now.  I also scrambled an egg for my bento and placed a half of a grape tomato on top.  Now I just need to figure out what tomorrow's bento will be.

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