Lunch for Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally back to work after the long weekend.  I had a pretty good weekend with lots of relaxing, swimming and fun.  I could have used a few more days off though, I feel I need some more sleep.  Maybe I just got use to sleeping in.

For today's lunch I have some leftover chicken salad I made.  I just threw this together using diced chicken, diced apples, red grapes, pecans, craisins, Miracle Whip and seasoning.  I also put some leftover corn casserole in there.  The bottom bento is my breakfast.  I put some granola, dried apples, crasins and banana chips together.  I like snacking on my granola in the mornings at work.  I have been craving a lot of fruit lately.  I guess it is a counter balance from eating so many vegetables in my bento's.  lol

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