Lunch for Monday, April 4, 2011

This past weekend I took most of my Saturday and made the kid clear out his room, go through clothes he can't wear anymore and thin out the toys.  We also moved his room around.  It was a very productive day since I was able to still get all the laundry done, clean the rest of the house and read a couple hundred pages of one of my books.  So of course Sunday I didn't do anything but nap and watch tv.

For lunch today I wanted soup.  My allergies are acting up since it has been warm and windy and a hot soup is just what I need.  So I made a mixture of fried egg that I sliced up, green onion, garlic and condensed chicken base.  At lunch time I will dump this into the top portion of my bento and add hot water.  In the other section I have teriyaki chicken, carrots, grapes, sweet mini pepper, tomato and a few blueberries.  The middle section has white rice with a broccoli tree and bread crust for the trunk.  I tried adding some sesame soy wrapper for a hill but it kind of blends in.  In person there is more of a contrast than this picture.  I also added a couple of nori birds I cut out.  And of course I have my mandarin orange.  There were so many in a bag of those!  I have one more for tomorrow then I am out.  I sure hope they have some when I go grocery shopping again.

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