Lunch for Wednesday, April 6, 2011

While cleaning out the kids room this past weekend I found a pencil box he had.  There was a bunch of junk in it and stickers all over.  I took all the stickers off, cleaned it up and thought how great it would be for my lunch.  That is what I am using today, a pencil box.  The lid is hinged and is detachable.  I love it.

Inside my pencil box I have the rest of the pork ribs from Monday nights dinner.  I thought Mr Man was going to take these for his lunch yesterday but he said he wasn't going to.  So I pulled the meat off the bone and added it to my box.  I also drained off the rest of the baked beans and put them in as well.  The remainder of the items are my usual's plus a piece of honey wheat bread.  Yummy!

My girl flying her kite is made from bologna, cheddar and provolone.  The string of the kite is made from soy paper.  The bow and her mouth were cut then soaked in water with red food coloring and her eye and the kite were cut and soaked in water with blue food coloring.  I cut her dress to look like the wind was blowing behind her and it was billowing out.  We have been having wind gust of 20-35 mph lately and I am feeling wind blown myself.  And with the wind comes allergy problems.  I feel in a haze too from the allergy medicine.  Maybe I should have covered the entire box with a piece of rice paper to make it look cloudy.  haha  Happy Wednesday to you all.


  1. Talk about reusing! That's awesome. I always had fabric pencil cases because the plastic ones were too bulky and we didnt have lockers and stuff back home; we carried a backpack. Super cute lunch. Yummy too!

  2. My pencil cases were made of thick cardboard with some sort of decorative paper on the outside. By the time the school year was over the lid was falling off. Argh! Showing my age.

  3. I love this!!! I think we even have a couple of those kinds of pencil boxes, but I never saw them as anything other than pencil boxes. I feel like a whole new world is opening up lol!!!