Lunch for Thursday, April 14, 2011

This weekend we have decided to take a trip to Dallas and while there I hope to visit a store suggested to me by Shannon of What's for Lunch at Our House.  I hope to find some cute picks and other misc supplies.  I did a little comparison shopping online yesterday and looking at prices it seems eBay has the best prices for picks.  As far as boxes... if you want quality, you have to order from nicer places like Bento & Co or CasaBento.  After buying so many stackable sets, etc. I think I'm ready to start buying nicer ones.  But that means I need to set a budget or it could get out of hand.  I already have a habit of buying a bento if I see it while shopping.  They are rare and hard to come by in my area.

For today's lunch I made a roll using soy paper.  I really like the soy paper I just wish it came in a dark color.  I had intended to use my last piece of imitation crab stick but I guess I let it go for too long.  I opened the bag I had it in and almost gagged.  I need to clean out my frig!  So being resourceful, I used some of the leftover turkey.  So in this roll I have turkey, carrot, cucumber, avocado, wasabi and green onion.  The kid taste tested the ends I cut off and he declared it good.  He usually gets to eat the ends and scraps as I'm making my lunch.  Possibly because he is hovering over me instead of watching for the bus.  He wants to eat the school lunches but he makes sure he sees what I am eating.

In the other container I have a tomato that I halved, purple potato, mochi and a lemon wedge for some color and to add to my tea at lunch.

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