Lunch for Saturday, April 9, 2011

A friend and I decided to try Sushi Train in Tulsa, Oklahoma for lunch on Saturday.  We had never been before and it was fun.  The food is placed on the train and it goes around the bar.  You can also sit at a table and then get up and retrieve your sushi if you would like as well.  I was very hungry by the time we got there and I forgot to take photos of the sushi I ate.

It was a neat experience but even thought I ate seven plates worth of food I didn't find it to be as tasty as other sushi restaurants in Tulsa.  Most of the rolls seemed to have a common ingredient, cream cheese.  I am lactose intolerant and this was a disappointment.  I ate some anyway since I can get by with a few ounces of cheese without too much discomfort.  Also there wasn't too much raw fish I noticed.  Here is a list of some rolls my friend and I ate and their ingredients.  I can't remember them all and some were not labeled on the train.
Bayou Roll - Catfish, blackened shrimp, carrot, jalapeno, cucumber w/ spicy sauce
CK Roll - Spicy Tuna, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, green onion, avocado on top w/ 3 sauces
Crunchy California Roll - Crab salad, cucumber and avocado deep-fried
Scorpion Roll - Calamari tempura, cucumber and avocado topped w/spicy shredded crab
King Roll - Crab salad, avocado, asparagus, cucumber, carrot, cream cheese and shrimp tempura deep-friend
Lucky Roll - I don't remember all that was on  it but it was wrapped in green soy paper
Perfect Tan Roll - Shrimp tempura, crab and cream cheese topped w/ avocado, tuna, salmon, or white tuna
Dumplings - These I don't see on their menu but they were on the train.

Surprisingly my favorite one was the Bayou Roll.  It was nice and spicy and had good flavor.  But again it was cooked fish.  My friend's favorite was the King Roll.  I had a piece of it and yes it was good but what isn't good when it's deep-fried?

Most of the plates had 4 pieces on them and at first I thought $3.55 for the most expensive plate was not bad.  Then I realized that most of the ones that looked appetizing were the more expensive one.  My seven plate meal including my free water was around $25.00.  Not too cheap for one person but then again I have spent upwards of $35.00 for a few of my favorite rolls before.  My friend was able to get away with around $10.00 with her free water but she had also been to a brunch that morning and wasn't that hungry.

So overall it wasn't too bad.  My friend proclaimed she would be back.  The novelty of it would bring me back, not the food.  I guess I am just a sushi snob, I prefer others sushi.  But so many people have said wonderful things about this place.  You might want to give it a try.

They deliver *(918) 747-9931* between certain hours of the day or you can visit them on the southeast corner of Harvard and 51st Street in Tulsa.

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