Lunch for Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April Fools Day and I really hope no one tries to make a fool out of me.  I love playing tricks on people and don't mind when I get it back.  But sometimes it irks me if I start to feel dumb about things.  I try to be tough but... I am a girl.

For today's lunch I had not planned on anything cute.  I made fried rice last night and made sure I left some for my lunch.  It was just going to be a leftover day, other half of the carrot/cucumber salad mix, rest of beans, last of the tomatoes.  Then when I was getting the mini sweet peppers out, one of them just looked like a fish that was kissing.  So I split it in half, added some picks and some sugar eyes then cut a heart out of provolone and Voila!  Kissy Fishy.

I received my Bento4Japan items yesterday and WOW I can't believe that great things I got.  I used two of them for this bento.  I used one of my new picks and one of the heart cutters.  I really wish I could afford to do more but thankfully the bidding is going very well over my budget.  Sad for me but great for the cause.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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