Lunch for Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There are so many cute Easter bento ideas out there, like this (Happy Little Bento) and this (Not A Brownbag) and this (Adventures in Bentomaking).  And there are many more, I wish could link them all.  My favorite idea that I have seen repeated a few times is baby chicks.  So simple yet so cute!  So that is what I made today is two baby chicks on a bed of lettuce.  After seeing Heather's (Ohayo Bento!) salad a couple of days ago I have been craving salad.  Lucky me we went to the grocery store last night and I stocked up on lots of fresh fruits and veggies. 

While at the store I picked up a bag of the small mandarin oranges and my boyfriend started to put them back and grab a bag of large oranges.  I asked him what he was doing and he said those are too small, wouldn't I prefer the bigger ones.  I just laughed and said no I prefer things bento sized.  I got a funny look on that one.  But the small "bento sized" oranges came home with us.

In my bento I have a spring mix salad, baby pepperoni's, grape tomatoes, mini sweet pepper, shredded cheddar, my baby chick eggs and a small apple.  I stole a couple of these apples from my parents house this last weekend.  I have not been able to find them so small where I live and these were just sitting on the counter.  tee hee hee  I decorated my baby chicks using small pieces of nori, a piece of carrot and one got a bow pick.  When I cut the egg I noticed part of the yolk was pointed and it kind of makes the chicks look like they have that extra baby chick hair on top.

I also made a small breakfast/snack type bento.  Sometimes I'm hungry when I get up and sometimes I'm just happy with a cup of coffee.  Today was a hungry day plus the coffee.  In this one I just have strawberries, cheese cubes and pretzels.

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