Breakfast for Friday, May 13, 2011 & A SURPRISE

I never knew having blogger down would be such a pain. It messed up my day and way of thinking. I knew something was wrong when I was trying to comment back on some comments left on my blog. Aggravating, but there are a lot of people affected so now we just move on. And we shall move on to my breakfast for today.

My breakfast is in a new bento box.  I begun to evaluate the types of boxes I want in my collection.  I made a list of all the types I’ve seen that make me take notice and say “I want that!”  I will always want more boxes but I needed to start narrowing it down to favorites styles or I will be out of money quick.  The next one on my wish list was a LONG skinny bento box.  This one is over 8-1/2 inches in length and only 2-1/5 inches wide.  Stacked together it holds a lot of food at 840ml total (420ml per tier).  But I figure I will only be using one tier most of the time, such as today.  If I need to I will add a small side container.  But today was just breakfast.

In this bento I have toast made with white bread, and three little piggies on top made by cutting some provolone cheese with a cutter and soaking them in some food coloring.  I also have some scrambled eggs, strawberries and colby-jack cheese cubes.

And now for the surprise.

I not only bought myself a new bento...

But I bought an additional one to giveaway.
That’s right, I bought TWO of these awesome bento boxes.  One for me and one for YOU.

I started feeling bad that I didn’t do a giveaway for my 1st Bento-versary.  There were intentions of doing so.  But since I live in such a bento-free zone of the US it’s not like I could just run to the store and pick some stuff up.  I was going to purchase some things in Dallas but I didn’t find anything that said 1st Bento-versary Giveaway to me.  I wanted to place an online order but the US Dollar kept dropping in value and that makes it hard for me to justify an International purchase.

Enough of excuses!  The Dollar started to rebound (a little) and a certain company had a sale.  I would mention them but this giveaway is being sponsored by me, using my own money and I’m not being paid to advertise.  And the order arrived last night!  I was going to wait a little bit before I did the giveaway but I am not a patient person.


1. Comment on this blog post and tell me why you deserve or just have to have this bento box.
     Creative, crazy, over the top, make me LOL comments will get you an extra entry.

2. Make sure you leave your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you are the winner.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Sure it would be great if you followed my blog, followed me on Twitter, posted this on your blog, etc. But that is all up to you.  I'm a easy going, laid back person that doesn't force things on people.  All I am asking for is your comment here and tell me why this bento box should be yours. Feel free to comment more than once if you come up with a crazier comment than before, limit 3 per person.  This contest is open to anyone who lives on Earth. 

Winner will be announced on June 1st.


  1. I love the piggies!!! Anyway, I definitely don't deserve to win this bento box, although I'd certainly love to have it. And honestly I'm not creative or crazy enough (yet) to post something off-the-wall. But I did want to comment on your breakfast anyway, so figured I'd enter the giveaway too ^^ (Thank you again for being so helpful and inspirational as I begin my bento journey)
    tehila0113 at gmail dot com

  2. I just started following your blog, and clearly I was just in time! I'm so jealous of your cute piggy cutters, too. I love the color of the box, so here's my entry:

    I deserve that awesome box because not only have I made myself a (quasi) cute bento *every* day this week, but I've also convinced a co-worker to start bringing cute bentos to work (he used to live in Japan, so he has the materials), I've sent a bento box to my sister, AND when I got home today, my husband had spontaneously made me cute little decorated sandwiches for my bento next week! So I deserve another bento box because my bento enthusiasm is clearly contagious!

    Of course, if I don't win, I'll just go out and buy myself a new box, so there's no way to lose this contest for me :)

  3. And, um, I forgot to leave my email address: lanthala at gmail dot com.

  4. Hi, i just following your blog because you leave comment in my blog. hehe..

    I love your piggy sandwich because I'm a piggy mania. xixixi..

    Since i started my bento journey, many of my friends asked how to make bento for their beloved one and sometimes some of my friend asked me to make one for them. Too bad, they couldn't taste it, because they live in Indonesia and i live in Philippines. So..they just enjoyed the pictures and me or my daughter who will eat the bento. :D

    Why i deserve the box? Because it's so gorgeous and i couldn't find that type either in Philippines nor Indonesia and my husband is one of the old fashioned man, he won't allow me to buy it online..sigh..

    My email:

  5. Hi!
    Such a pretty box! <3
    Not my first time here, but I'm that type of follower who loves to lurk and never comment. The worst type, I have to admit: I am too shy....

    I think I deserve to own this bento box because...
    ... I have a very important oral interview to catch the perfect job of my life really soon. This painful journey really stresses me off, so I already decided that I will prepare a lovely bento for my lunch (and another one for my dear boyfriend who cleared a day of work to be with me).
    Plus I totaly belive in one universal law you might know yet: the cutter you eat, the loveliest you are. Being lovely in an interview can only be a good point, right? *especially when you are too shy! ^^*
    Plus I am sure that if my future boss see me eating in the this cutie he would totaly hire me, because of this second universal law: Bento is a contagious (but peaceful) disease! :-)

    My email:
    *sorry, English is not my native language!*

  6. That is an awesome box!! I never thought I would want one of the skinny ones but it's actually on the top of my shopping list right now, lol!

  7. Hi! Your bentos are amazing <3

    I deserve this awesome bento box because I was brought to court last month for having ugly disgusting lunches which ruined everyone else's lunch time since it smelled like rotten eggs(someone even fainted from the smell :O). I was found guilty. My punishment now is to make bentos for eternity (since they are the awesomest and most beautiful way to eat lunch). I have all the supplies I need except for an bento box! If I don't have a bento box by a certain date, the judge will send a flying man-eating onigiri after me with an umeboshi gun!
    That's not all! The bento box also has to be blue and long! If I get anything else, then I have to spend the rest of my life trapped in a moldy california roll eating imitation crab meat, brown avacado, and UFO's(unidentified food objects).
    Please have mercy, since I went to all the bento stores on Mars and there wasn't a single dango alien that would give me their blue bento box(even though EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had one D:). You are my last hope!!! XD


  8. (hi its me again(person in previous post^))
    This is my 2nd commment, inspired by your piggy bento.

    You won't believe it, but I am one of the three little pigs. I am the youngest one and built my house out of straw. However, yesterday the big bad wolf came and said, "I'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your house down---if you don't make me a delicious bento in a blue bento box!" I didn't have a blue bento box so he blew my house down.
    I ran for my life until I got to my brother's house, whom had made his house out of twigs. The wolf came and said, "I'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your house down---if you don't make me a delicious bento in a blue bento box!" We both didn't have a blue bento box so we ran to our other brother's house, the third little pig. His house was made out of bricks so we thought we were safe. But then the wolf came down the chimney! And the third little pig had just sold the fireplace under the chimney on ebay! We are now doomed and seriously screwed. If we don't get a bento box soon, the wolf will eat us instead! (btw, the door was sold on ebay too so we couldn't get out)
    This giveaway is like a miracle that will save us!!!We need that blue bento box!!! If the three little pigs die, what will become of your child's favorite bedtime story?!?!!!the sale of children's books will plummet and our economy will crash!!!
    Your conscience will regret it if the big bad wolf wins! :O

    (lol...i had too much fun with this XD)

  9. Hello! :) new bento-enthusiast here. While I do love my little purple lunch box i would love an actual bento box!! They are impossible to find over here in Dunedin, New Zealand! I will be doing a post this weekend with all my bento lunches from this week :) hope you can come visit my blog!! Found out about your blog via twitter, following for some more bento inspiration :)

    Ps: that colour is friken gorgeous, grown up but still fun, no bunnies/creepy little animal pictures in sight. I like :)


  10. hi,

    I would love to win since I don't have a bento box and think that this will motivate me to make my lunches more appealing since the box is so pretty and love the color! I use ziploc bags to fit in my bag filled with books and just rinse and reuse them after use.

    good luck to all of us entering the contest :)

  11. Oh hai! LOL. I am new to the bento world. My box arrived in the evening 4 nights ago and I have had a bento lunch every day. Including today, Saturday, while I am at home. I have been thinking that if I make a bento breakfast I might actually start eating breakfast. Which we know is the most important meal of the day.

    So if I were the "deserving" entry then I would have one for breakfast! Yay!

    Thanks for writing a blog, this is my first visit (I have been looking a flickr today and saw you). I hope you have fun choosing someone to win the box.

  12. Awesome giveaway! And congrats with your bentoversary - yay! \0/\0/\0/

    I absolutely NEED this box 'cause I don't have such a nice sleek bento yet! And the colour goes rrrreally well with my new tumbler mug. :) I have a bento ready showing it - post will be up tomorrow night. It would be fab to see some long noodles in a box like this!

  13. Hi :) ...first of all thanks for the chance you give to "anyone who lives on Earth" I live in Mexico and certainly sometimes giveaways or contests arent for us.

    I think I deserve this beautiful bento box because Im a newbie in this bentomania, in my country this is a completely new approach to lunch and just love it! I placed an order yesterday for what I call "beginner set" cant wait to get it btw, but I think winning this giveaway would be a sign ;) Im in the right path!

    Thanks again and Happy Anniversary, hoping we'll celebrate with you many more.

    (Music)...Estas son las maƱanitas, que cantaba el Rey David, hoy por ser tu aniversario te las cantamos a ti....(Traditional mexican song for birthdays and anniversaries...lyrics cant be translated, no much sense at all...but still traditional!) ;)


  14. I have never, ever, ever owned a slim bento box. This would totally complete my collection. Plus it's a really pretty shade of blue. AND...since it's a slim box, that means it'll make ME slim if I use it, right?! ^_^

  15. Nope, havent forgotten about you. Between one thing and the other, I just havent been too involved with food (dinner included!).

    I can't number all the reasons why I have to have this bento. But I can tell you three: 1. I have stickers to make it look like the phone boot from Dr. Who and serve this bento to a dear kid friend of mine who's a fan (though I'm not sure how food will do standing up). 2. Your photos of how to use it have convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt I need to kidnap you and have you prepare my lunches. But since that'd be a little illegal, I can settle for having a box like yours. Imitation is a compliment, no? 3. It took me a little over 5 months to decide to make a bento-related purchase. My next purchase is in queue for 2012, if I dont forget. Also, online stores, albeit awesome and all, are not as great or accessible to Mary's Land where I am. (Nobody seems to like Mary.) Getting a box without months of deciding = awesome.

    All in all, thanks for hosting! Very generous of you. Once again, happy bloggiversary.

  16. It is my first time dropping your blog and you have a very nice blog.
    I am crazy about bento-ing lately and feel like start bento-ing for my son. Just in time, your "beautiful bento box" will definitely the best bento box for my son to bring to school everyday.
    He definitely loves this cute bento box.

    Hope to win this beautiful bento box !!

    my email :

  17. I really really want this box! Why? It's big! Everyone, I think, needs one BIG box. There's no room to pack a proper salad in a smaller box! And if you're packing for a VERY carnivorous male person, it takes a small box plus another to keep said male person content!

    email: scrumptiousbento at

  18. I deserve this bento!

    I did all my chores this week AND made a client uber happy AND threw together a meeting (with breakfast) in three days AND I planted a mini garden. I'm too old for allowance, but I'm not to old for this!

  19. OH! I deserve it for another reason!

    In the past month I have converted 4 (count them... 4!) people to the joys of bento! My mother, a friend, and two coworkers! I supplied each of them with a bento box and a few accessories to get them started. And now my bento box stash needs to be replenished!

    Email: scrumptiousbento at

  20. Thanks to everyone that has entered!

    I'm going to do the drawing tonight and post the winner in tomorrow's post. Good luck to you all. And again thanks for the interest in this amazing bento box.