Lunch for Friday, May 27, 2011

beeping Blogger!  I am so bleeping mad that I have been having so much bleeping trouble commenting, blogging etc.  Back to the question if I should build my own site.  Ugh!  I was able to get to my dashboard by going to but I shouldn't have to search the bleeping forums for this solution!

Today is the last day of school for The Kid.  So that means the last day to make his bento.  Thank goodness, he used up all my bento rice stash, broccoli, Babybel cheese, etc.  When you only shop for one bento and end up making two things don't go as far.  But we did have a little bit more fish that I cooked up this morning.

In The Kids lunch he has fish, white rice with black sesame seeds, watermelon, grapes and strawberry.  I know, I know, there is no veggies in his bento but since we are out of broccoli he didn't want anything else I suggested.  But he did say I could use picks for his watermelon!!!  What?!!! The Kid that says I can't use picks or anything decorative in his lunch let me use picks today?!  I was shocked and happy to oblige.

And for us in the USA it is Memorial Day weekend.  A time when most of us go to the lakes, beaches etc and enjoy the time off.  I personally am ready for the break from work.

In my lunch I have fish, white rice colored pink, a mini sweet pepper, grapes and strawberry.

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  1. o.o Sorry that you're having issues with Blogger. Lunches look good as usual. And ha, I'm sure the kid was secretly wanting you to use picks, but was too cool to have them on his lunches.

  2. Haha yes at 11 years old, sorry 11 & 3/4 years old, he thinks he is too cool for many things. But he does get joy by being the only kid in his school that has a fancy bento lunch box and gets things like fish to eat instead of the standard sandwich and chips that most kids bringing their lunch from home eat.

  3. Love the pink rice :) ....I really enjoy your bento lunches, because they are not "so japanese" I can use your ideas with my 2 boys, they are 8 and 5.