Lunch for Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is the last week of school for The Kid.  I forgot to give him lunch money yesterday, so he asked that I make his lunch for the rest of the week.

The Kid's lunch has chicken nuggets, white rice, a Babybel cheese, a sauce container with BBQ sauce under the cheese, broccoli, grapes and strawberry.

My lunch has leftover pasta bake, grapes, strawberry, Babybel cheese, a mini sweet pepper, broccoli and a sweet gherkin pickle.  Did I mention that this bento is microwavable, not the inner lids though.  I will just pop the pasta layer into the microwave here at work and have a yummy hot meal.

Make sure you enter for a change to win a bento just like mine by May 31st.  Winner will be chosen at random, details HERE.


  1. Hey! What colour is the colors bento you packed The Kid's lunch in? Mine is lime green and I love it.

    I had pasta in my bento today as well (post will be up later if I'm not too tired) but unfortunately there's no microwave at work. Used my insulated mug for the 1st time but although it stayed warm pretty long it didn't make it all to lunchtime :( Never mind, I happily gobbled it up anyway! :)

  2. The kid picked out his own bento when I started this journey. So of course his is the green camo one.

    My insulated mug does fairly well. I do wait until I am just about to walk out the door before I put anything in it.