Breakfast & Lunch for Monday May 2, 2011

This last weekend I made scones using a recipe I saw on Etsy from Alice of Savory Sweet Life.  I knew I had to try them, they are filled with roasted red peppers, feta cheese and green onion.  I added cooked bacon leftover from our breakfast.  I split the entire batch into two equal pieces and made two.  I also added about 8 minutes to the cooking time.  When I pulled the stone from the oven the first time they didn't seem quite done yet.  I'm glad I did, it seemed it needed more cooking time.  Makes me wonder if I had made one big piece how long I would have needed to add.  But the kid and I thought these were very delicious!  The flavors are amazing all together.  Mr Man who likes the most plain of plain foods didn't care for them.  He even handed me his after two bites and requested chocolate chip cookies, no nuts.  See what I mean about plain.  When I want cookies I want nuts, oats, dark chocolate, a little molasses.  sigh  I made plain 'ol chocolate chip cookies.  I didn't even take a picture they were so plain.

For my breakfast bento I have two pieces of the scone and some pineapple and strawberries leftover from a Friday fondue girls night.  Every few months or so, a couple of my friends and I get together and we all bring items to dip.  We have found a great White Wine Cheese fondue recipe and one of the girls makes the best peanut butter chocolate one.  It's always a great time and no matter how little food we try to bring we always have so many leftovers.

For lunch today I am using my thermos bento set again.  We had Bar-B-Que from Legends this weekend.  I just called in a Family pack and picked it up.  So I have some pulled pork, beef brisket, spicy cowboy beans and more pineapple and strawberries.

I did so much this weekend, fondue night, scones, cookies, clean house, laundry, took down the Easter decor and put up my red, white and blue items, went shopping, got pulled over for speeding, oh and we bought a boat.  Or should I say Mr Man bought a boat.  He sees himself as a fisherman.  Yet he is a catch and release fisherman.  He says he doesn't know how to clean a fish.  And actually he doesn't care for the taste of fish.  Maybe putting a hook in them is his revenge.

The kid striking a pose.

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