Lunch for Monday, May 9, 2011

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother's Day.  I didn't do much just cleaned house, did laundry and took a nap.  Mr Man went fishing in his new boat and he actually kept some of the fish this time.  His friend that he went fishing with cleaned them but I was still very happy to have some.  That is what I am having in my lunch today, a few pieces of the fish that I cooked up this morning.

I soaked the fish in coconut milk, coated it with a cornmeal/spice mixture then fried in a skillet.  The Kid and I had a couple of pieces this morning and we thought it was very good.  Mr Man had a nibble and said not bad and handed it back to me.  I wish he liked to eat fish.  In the rest of my box I have some white rice and a couple of goldfish on top.  The goldfish are made with a mini sweet pepper and cut using a fish shaped cutter.  I also have my usual broccoli, carrots, grape tomato, mushroom, strawberry and a few more pieces of the pepper.

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  1. I've had cornmeal fried fish a bunch but I've never soaked it in coconut milk before. That sounds amazing!