Lunch for Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am so tired of problems with blogger. Now I can't sign in at my computer and I'm posting this from my phone. Geesh!

But onto today's lunches. Today The Kid and I have sandwiches using Spam. The Kid and I love Spam and I happen to have a couple of Spam singles in the pantry. The Kid was so excited when he found out today's lunch would be Spamwiches. Although he was upset that we ran out of broccoli. I had only bought enough broccoli to last me this week. But since I have been making his lunch too, we are out. I may have to make a special trip to the store.

In The Kids lunch he has Spam and cheese on white bread, leftover mashed potatoes, pretzel sticks, a Babybel cheese, strawberry, grapes and watermelon.

My lunch has Spam and lactose free cheese on whole wheat, carrot flowers, a mini sweet pepper, a Babybel cheese, grapes and strawberry.


Only 5 days left to enter my bento box giveaway! Look for the Breakfast for May 13th post to enter. Or if your having problems like me and can't sign in to leave a comment just email me... ghutton4mk at hotmail dot com.

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  1. Looks see; im looking for a more "western" style for my bento lunches :)
    have a nice weekend!