Lunch for Friday, May 28, 2010

Last work day of May!  Wow this month has flown by and to think I have done at least one bento every single work day.  I can't believe it.  I hope to improve on my bentos in the coming month.  When I look back at the first one I did I can't believe it looks so bad.  I have some favorites from last month and some not so favorites.  I have learned what I prefer in my bento and what I would rather keep out.  I hope to use more leftovers in my bentos by actually cooking a dinner in the evenings.  The kid and I tend to just eat whatever we can grab for dinner.  But I can proudly say I have lost 8 pounds this last month.  That itself makes it worth getting up earlier to make my bento.

For today's lunch I was in the mood for a sandwich.  I took a sandwich thin and placed some ham inside and gave my face some green lettuce hair.  The eyes are slices of boiled egg with nori accents.  I also gave my smiley face sandwich a red pepper nose and sharp cheddar smile.  To continue with happy faces I put a half of an apple cut side down with a cheese and clove face and I placed the rest of the sliced boiled egg in there with a nori face.  I was thinking this was one "happy meal" then looking at the chunk of red bell pepper with the carrots coming out the top it kind of looks like a McDonalds fry holder and fries.  Just a lot healthier.

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